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At present, we offer 3 great scenarios to choose from. Each with a very different experience guaranteed. With our cutting-edge technology and unrivalled attention to detail, we bring a whole new level of sophistication to escape games. Explore a Tomb, Save a spacecraft or destroy battleships in our unique virtual reality simulation room.


In The Mummy, players get the chance to be Indiana Jones-type adventurers, trying to unravel the secrets of Egyptian papyri, escape the curse of an ancient pharaoh, and avoid being crushed by the pyramid's moving walls.


This game is set on a spacecraft, with living, pilot and lab modules to explore. The players, in the role of crew members, face an emergency: a strange and hostile life form has been detected on board the ship: aliens! The ship's self-destruct programme has been activated.


Deep Blue: Sabotage is a demanding game for true sailors: players experience the steel-clad hold of a submarine, a periscope with a built-in Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and an enemy who never sleeps.


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Decide who is going to be in your team of 2 to 8 people

Go ahead and sign up online, choosing your time and the room you like.

There will be a guide when you arrive, they will explain how the game works and what you will need to do.

Once you’ve stepped into the room with your team, its time work out the puzzles, but don’t worry, we’ll be on hand to support if needed.

What are Real-Life Escape Games?

The closest thing that probably existed to live Escape Rooms before their emergence were video games. People nowadays though will agree that Escape room experiences really are what takes other forms of media like video games, tabletop simulators, Dungeons and Dragons quests to a whole other level!

Escape Rooms are Role-Playing Live Simulation games where specific themes are used to create imaginative and immersive spaces. When you’re inside one of our rooms, the only thing that will exist to you is your team and your surroundings. You will forget that you’re in a simulation and eventually you will become lost in the excitement and intrigue of the game experience you are taking part in.

Originally, these types of games started to become popular in countries such as Hungary, Switzerland, Malaysia and the USA. It’s only been in recent years that Escape rooms have really started to take off in the UK. Add to this the increasing development of new tech such as virtual reality, visual effects and 3D prosthetics and you’ve got yourself some highly immersive rooms that really do suspend the players disbelief.

Here are some comments our previous visitors had after experiencing the iLocked Escape Rooms:

Well done ilocked

The experience is slick and very clever, puzzles are challenging but not impossible and team work is a must. Visited with my partner and two teenagers and the best bit was having them work together rather than being sat at home arguing over who has control of the Tv remote. 
Easy to find, and lots of parking. Without a doubt this project is the owners baby and his vision for creating an amazing, totally interactive and totally unique experience is infectious- cannot wait to try the new rooms which are both planned and under construction.
Lastly there was a mix up with our original booking but staff at ilocked worked super hard and went out of their way to ensure the issue was resolved satisfactorily. Well done ilocked - it's a big thumbs up from us !!

The mummy was really realistic

Visited here with a group of friends and cannot say what an excellent adventure we all had. Having tried a few out this was clearly our best adventure and loved the multi room layout. It kept us all on edge at time with real panic at times. The mummy was really realistic and you can tell a lot was put into this game.

ilocked is definitely the best

Been to a few of these new ilocked is definitely the best! The quality of the rooms are so sophisticated and unlike any other escape rooms. The best part about this is no nonsense riddles to solve. No complicated math equations. No one of the group will feel left out no matter their abilities. Can't wait for the new rooms to open!!! Can't recommend this place highly enough

A videogame come to life

Having never visited an 'escape room' my expectations were blown away with what can only be described as a videogame come to life.

Think of Uncharted, Lara Croft, a Half Life of sorts (taking out the endless waves of grunts of course and theatrical roly polys) and you're part way to understanding the type of puzzle, adventure you're about to embark on.

With only the most subtle hints your mind's left wandering as to the possibilities of the room and once you realise every reveal, every door opening, closing or secret area is automatically controlled by a computer, you start to open your mind.

What if I put this object here? Or if I push this button? What if we fail to escape within the alloted one hour?!

A great evening with lots of laughter and amazement. Will be revisiting when the Submarine and the space adventure own up.

5 stars for sure
5 stars for sure...... Really enjoyed playing this game, really difficult throughout it really does test your brain power and make sure you work as a team as this is the only way to move forward to get out. The owner was really nice and even let us play the game without booking online as we didn't know you had too. Overall one of the best things I've done and would definitely recommend to a friend. Thanks.
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