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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At iLocked, we've implemented strict health and safety measures which put the safety of our customers and employees first, in order to minimise the risk of spreading the virus at our venue


Regarding the recent changes to limit meetups in groups to 6 or less (as of 11/09/20)

We are still staying open and our games are still available to purchase, Games will be limited to 6 people maximum. There is plenty of room to spread out in our rooms allowing for social distancing, Groups who meet up as with a large number but later split into smaller groups for our games is still okay! as long as during the games the number of players doesn’t exceed 6 people per room (Groups such as: Stag/Hen dos, Team buildings, Parties ect). So large groups can meet outside to be later split up so no government rules are broken.

There is plenty of seating in the lobby and staff is always on hand to assist for any need. Parents of kids parties can wait or watch from the Lobby if need so that 6 children can play under the new government rules. All our other guidelines are still in place to ensure everyone who visits is safe and worry free!

Pubs/Restaurants are still operational with large amount of people inside a room at any given time but at ilocked as long as guests adhere to our guidelines then the only people you will be in contact with is your teammates and your host!


iLocked Health and safety policy (Covid 19 - Temporary Measures)
Here at iLocked we are dedicated to bringing you an amazing and memorable game and we
want you to be able to experience what we have to offer while also remaining safe and healthy!
Therefore due to the current climate caused by Covid 19 we have revamped our entire way of
operating our games. We believe these measures will allow to use to open safely and continue
to bring you great escape experiences! Please note our new procedures below.
- Opening Time Changes
We have completely overhauled our opening times and game slots. This is to prevent any
groups overlapping which will mean no groups will ever be in contact with each other. This
includes when waiting outside or in the lobby. These new changes also give us more time to
clean and disinfect our rooms after each game and also ensure that our games can be started
directly on arrival so time spent in the lobby is kept at a minimum.
- Customer Responsibilities
In order to remain open while remaining safe we have to put trust in our customers, in order for
our policies to be as efficient as they can our customers will be required to comply with
procedures or face being turned away.

These procedures are:
- Punctuality
- Wearing safety equipment: Masks and Gloves.
- Cautiousness

We ask you to arrive on time to ensure our “No Overlap” Procedures are met and unnecessary
contact is kept to a minimum. Customers are required to wear safety equipment (Masks and
Gloves). Customers will be expected to arrive with their own, however we can provide them for free if needed.

Customers are asked to be cautious and use common sense when booking and playing our
games. Please do not make a booking if you are ill and conduct yourself responsibly and in line
with government and iLocked health and safety guidelines. These measures are to keep
everyone safe, happy and healthy. 

- Other/Cleaning Measures
We have many measures in place to clean our rooms to ensure they are 99.9% disinfected of
any potential bacteria:

- Deep Room Cleaning
We deep clean each room before each game, using disinfectant and wipes we clean every prop
and surface thoroughly to ensure we eliminate any lingering bacteria.

- UV / Quartz Lights
Our games and lobby contain UV lights, UV lights have been proven to kill bacteria and we
utilize these lights efficiently. We are also installing a large Quartz light in our lobby. These lights
are specifically designed to kill airborne bacteria.

- Streamlined Hosting and Games
For the protection of customers and staff our hosts will no longer give face to face briefs or
introductions. They will be there to greet you but from there the customer is to follow our laid out
floor markings which will lead them to their selected room. Room Briefs along with Health and
safety will now be shown via video on one of our in game screens. This way contact between
staff and customers are kept to a minimum. Contact is still kept during the game via normal
measures (Walkie talkies and computer chats).
Our rooms are some of the biggest in the UK, therefore there is plenty of space to utilize and
distance yourself from each other at all times. Our games are nonlinear so you won’t be
needing to stand around in one place and each game contains multiple rooms which ensures if
you need you can socially distance (e.g if players are from separate households).
All these measures will be in place from when we open. Please read through them to
ensure all are met. Many of these are inline with government advice and requirements.
These are in place to ensure customers and staff stay safe and healthy.

Thank you

Our team have been advised to where possible, remain at a 1m distance from customers (it's nothing personal!)
If you have any particular concerns regarding your booking, please contact us via email on or via Live Chat, or Facebook Messenger.



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