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Mental Fitness

Your mental health is just as if not more important than your physical health!  It’s vital to keep your brain strong and healthy. A well kept brain leads to a happier and more efficient life! A sound mind may sound like a luxury to some people(especially these days) but there many ways to relax your brain and even treat mental health problems such as anxiety, depression. At iLocked we are proud to be a center dedicated to mental wellbeing!

We offer mind blowing exercises in the form of puzzle solving rooms! A great way to exercise your brain is with visual and problem solving stimuli! We get your brain’s cogs turning and felicitate an environment where you can fully explore all avenues of how your brain works and utilize that in order to solve various problems that are situated around the theme of our rooms! We are all about giving your brain the exercise it needs! We know how important mental health is, we strive to help you through problems and help you find ways to expand upon your current puzzle solving skill set!

This is not only just great for a healthy brain but is also great life experience for everyday and workplace environments! How often do you see “Quick thinking and Good at problem solving” on job listings? We have seen it enough to know that it’s a very sought after trait and we can help you expand upon your skills in that area and perhaps make even make you more employable! 
We have three rooms to choose from and you can enter with upto 7 other people (8 people total and covid restrictions permitting). Each room has its own theme and various puzzles that vary in difficulty. These rooms are built with tremendous amounts off knowledge and effort in order to make the rooms as immersive as possible and simulate a completely different reality. This will help your brain even further as visual stimulates will keep your mind whirring during your whole experience!  We aim to strengthen your mind and build upon reestablished skills! 
Our three rooms range in themes to suit all tastes from Deep Sea Adventures and Interstellar Travel to Ancient Egyptian tombs!  Again all our puzzles are fully built in to fit into their environment which makes for a massively immersive and mind blowing experience. It’s great for family activities, hang session with friends or even as a team building experience for work places! You can give you mind a workout while also building up great teamwork skills. 

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We provide perfect brain stimulating experiences which fully takes you out of your day to day reality! Especially with all the current worldwide worries we can provide you an escape from that…if only for an hour.

Our Process: You hire one of our rooms for an hour, when you arrive one of our specialist brain trainers will greet and talk you through what you have to do and then it’s up to you! Independence even in groups is vital to training you brain as it allows you figure things out on your own and/or in the team you have chosen.  However our trainers are always on hand to assist you and provide techniques on working through problems. We can help you unlock your true brain potential and build up your thinking prowess!
During your hour you will learn how make full use of your mind, problem solving techniques and experience healthy forms of mental experiences! 

Think of us as a gym for your mind! A healthy and stimulated brain has proven to lead to clearer thinking, stress relief and a great treatment for mental disorders! Mental training doesn’t have to be boring maths equations and have built a facility to break the mould and provide the public with a centre to train and exercise their brain! We strive to make our experiences extremely immersive and very enjoyable!

Build up your brain muscles while having a blast in one our bespoke mental wellness rooms at iLocked!