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Our top 5 favorite physical puzzles on Youtube

Here at iLocked we are fascinated with hi-tech puzzles and most of our escape rooms incorporate the latest technology to make sure you have an experience like no other.

We are however by no means purists and we equally respect classical physical puzzles which also feature in our escape games.

During many of our coffee fuelled mornings a member of the team often insists on showing us a video of some crazy almost unsolvable puzzle.

Now the sort of puzzles we're talking about are expensive, premium, next-level space engineering type puzzles that take even the most journeyed of enthusiasts hours, days, weeks and even still many are hidden out of sight due to mind numbing frustration.

We never stop trying to brainstorm new ways to challenge and excite our Nottingham escape room visitor, we often look at feedback on Reddit about escape gamers favourite type of room puzzles and also embark on little YouTube binge sessions to get us thinking outside of the box.

Of course we could never include something as microscopical finicky as some of the puzzles we're about to show you, there just isn't enough time but if you love challenging your brain in escape rooms then you are most likely the target audience for a lot of thee beautiful hand crafted puzzles.

To give you a taste we've picked our 5 favourite videos from out favourite puzzle You Tuber Chris Ramsay (who is also a fantastically talented street magician).

A warning however in case you intend on buying any of these puzzles that the videos consist of Chris tirelessly working his way through the puzzles and solving them so SPOILERS AHEAD.

1. The impossible bottle puzzle:

An infamously difficult puzzle where a bolt and nut are attached to a wooden cylinder, you have to unscrew the bolt and remove all the contents, but that's not it the hardest part is putting it back together again.

2. The most difficult Lock Puzzle:

Supposedly the worlds most difficult lock puzzle – again if you have the eternal patience required to try it yourself DON'T WATCH.

3. The Excalibur Puzzle!

So this interesting little puzzle is known as Excalibur and the objective is to remove the sword from the box then put it back together. Will Chris be worthy?

4. The infinity puzzle

Introducing the Infinity Puzzle by designer Hanayama! This is a very difficult metal puzzle which requires you to undo the two circular devices from the cast. Looks simple but it's INFINITELY frustrating..

5.  The $1000 Radio Puzzle!!

Famous for being expensive, difficult and just a very clever little piece of design. It truly is a beautiful creation both aesthetically and with the challenge it poses.

SO that's our top 5 favourite physical puzzles and we would absolutely recommend that you watch all of the videos on his channel.

These puzzles albeit often expensive can make fantastic & unique gifts which in theory can be passed along to somebody else once they have solved them or simply displayed on your favourite mantle piece as a trophy to your immense brain power!

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