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Reddit users discuss their favourite escape room puzzles!

Reddit users weigh in on the type of escape room puzzles they love the most!

Here at iLocked nothing is more important to us than feedback from our enthusiastic customers, it's what helps us constantly tweak our rooms to make them consistently more and more enjoyable to play.

We have a strong belief in the ideology of evolving escape room puzzles past the first generation of lock and key hunt type games but at the same time there are still people who have a lot of fun with this setup so we do still include small elements of this into some of our rooms.

In a nutshell we want everyone to have an exciting time playing our games and to experience something unexpected every time the door locks behind them. We do our due diligence in researching what players deem as the most memorable puzzles they've come across to help spark new ideas and resources such as the Reddit subreddit offer a fantastic directory of player feedback for us to tap into.

So without further ado here is a collection of Reddit comments from escape room enthusiasts about their favourite escape game puzzles from all over the world.

“The first time I saw a room that required laying on a bed or sitting in a chair to activate a clue or puzzle was cool. Also rooms that had props that needed to be floated up to retrieve. Though for me this is only a wow factor the first time. Disadvantage of doing more and more rooms I guess. I feel like thinking of things that did not impress me is easier. Like rooms with basic/cheap lock/puzzles like the plastic dome thing with letter combo on bottom, puzzle wiring stuck along wall/exposed. I really enjoy rooms that have great immersion, including custom puzzles fitting the story. Good luck.”- user: amurray1522

This really ties in with our belief of trying to provide something unique as a lot of similar puzzle ideas are used by different companies and they do tend to lose the wow factor after the 2nd or 3rd time but of course such ideas can always be reinvented in unexpected ways and about the keys? Yes we 100% agree, such laborious hunting really can take away from the sense of adventure and immersion in a room.

“I like puzzles that use other senses that you don't normally test - like one puzzle I did required smelling a series of vials and using the smells to crack a code. The other coolest puzzle I've encountered is hard to describe. There was a computer in room A that had a little game where there was a barrel rolling towards a key at the end, but if it hit the colored spikes it would reset at the start. The color spikes were controlled by buttons two rooms away, so you had to yell and coordinate with your team to hit the buttons at the correct time. That was actually really fun.”- user: howdoyouaccountforme

We absolutely love the idea of forcing players to focus on using senses they might not usually have to rely on to escape. We've actually got a very unusual concept up our sleeves we're just waiting to find way to implement it so watch this space! The second part of the comment is a great demomstration of a puzzle where teamwork is really tested through communication and precise synchronization, anyone who has played our mummy room has certainly had a taste of that!

“I did a game last night that had a tube with a squeeze bulb coming from the wall and a tank with ramps leading down to a dirt-covered tray nearby. Unlocking one chest gave you a canteen full of water, and you had to put the tube inside and squeeze the bulb to suck water into the tank and wash away the dirt to reveal a clue to a code. The other half of the code was in patterns on the hard hats that everyone had immediately put on when they got into the room. The same room had a shooting range with a Red Ryder BB gun. Hitting the targets exposed numbers on the opposite sides. At the same location, an item is hidden inside a fake book in a prison break game. The book is on a rolling cart, and the only way to get it over to you is to complete puzzles until you have a rope and shackle, tie the rope onto the shackle, and throw it through the bars to drag it over.- user: Chitoryu12

Testing hand-eye co-ordination and hiding clues in the most un-obliviously obvious places – we love the way that escape room company thinks! See, that's the thing you can never really prepare for a room because you never know the nature of the challenges awaiting you (gun marksmanship?!), sure there are some fundamental escape room tips and tricks you can keep in mind but having a diverse team that can successfully handle a wide array of puzzles is your best bet!

“I enjoy physical puzzles much more than electronic ones — more Rube Goldberg and less button mashing. I am always fascinated by a domino rally or a marble track or a model train or a water puzzle (set of tubes and valves perhaps). I would love to see someone include this hydraulic robot arm into their game. The first such physical puzzle that I encountered involved using an air blower to move ping-pong balls through a PVC pipe that had an opening in a wall and ran overhead and into a small chamber elsewhere. That's when I discovered that physical puzzles were much more enjoyable to me.” - user: Snowtax

“Snowtax” raises a great point – not everyone enjoys the same things in escape rooms! Some people prefer to geek it up with hi-tech puzzles which require some technological finesse (such as our Alien room) whilst another group of people prefer more hands-on types of puzzles with objects that require physical interaction. There are always going to be rooms you prefer more than others for reasons like this and most escape room companies (including iLocked) make sure to vary the style of the rooms so that there is something for everyone and more importantly to make sure you never get bored of the doing the same thing!

So it just goes to show that there is so much more that can be done beyond the old school premise of searching for keys and locks. We love hearing about the fun you've had in other rooms as well a our own so comment below and tell us about some of your favourite puzzles and the type of challenges you might like us to include in any of future escape room designs. Happy escaping!

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