ALIEN - work in progress
Difficulty: medium
Difficulty: hard
BATTLESHIP - coming in 2017
Difficulty: hard

Live escape games are a journey into a world of fantasy and illusion, full of riddles, special effects and elaborate challenges. All our games at iLocked are dreamed up by brilliant designers, who take their inspiration from cult films and books – and anything else that fires their imagination! In each game, we aim to create an atmosphere that every player can enjoy. The craze for live escape games has swept the world in recent years, and iLocked has brought the very best to Nottingham. Some people even think that one day live escape games will be as popular as the cinema – after all, not only can you watch the adventures of secret agents, magicians and seductive temptresses, you can actually be them!


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Обратите внимание: в случае трехкратного недозвона по указанному вами номеру телефона ваша бронь будет отменена.

В случае опоздания длительность игры будет сокращена на время опоздания.

Бронирование ночных игр (после 0:00) возможно только при условии предоплаты.
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