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Marco Island,
Huntingdon Street, NG1 1AR
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The Alien Escape Room

You're woken out of deep sleep by a loud banging, as you slowly open your eyes and the blurry shapes around you begin to take physical form, you quickly workout that you are in a small room. You look for the source of the banging noise and see your crew mate mouthing something through the small pane of reinforced glaxon glass. You can just make out the words 'destruction'. As your mind whirls with the ramifications of what they're talking about you move closer to the glass to try and hear what else they're saying. This time you can just make out the words self… experiment… hour. You look hard at the crew mate and shout as loud as you can 'What?', Motioning to your ears to try and signal you can't hear. This time the crew member slows down what they're saying,

Experience an adventure in space where the greatest enemy you will face is time. Master the controls, discover what went wrong and save your entire crew before it's too late!

Marco Island, Huntingdon Street, NG1 1QR

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