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Marco Island,
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The Mummy Escape Room

Unlike his son, Tutankhamen, Akhenaten believed that the sun god, Aten was the greatest and holiest of all Gods and should be worshiped above all else. The other Gods were not happy about this. There is still much mystery surrounding the death of Akhenaten, as almost all records have been lost or destroyed. Some say he died of natural causes, whilst others say he was brought down by his people. Others even believe the Gods had a hand in his demise. However, one thing that is known is that many of his monuments and possessions were hidden away, some believe so as not to incur the wraith of the other Gods. But alas, it matters not as the ancient tomb of Akhenaten has never been found ...

Explore a world untouched for thousands of years where the sands of time will dictate whether you will get to see another sunrise. Work through ancient clues to determine what is real and what will destroy you. Can you avoid the traps and stay alive long enough to escape?

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