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"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"

Team Building for all Shapes and Sizes

Looking for your next team day out? Whether you’re a team of 6 or 50, iLocked can offer a structured or tailored experience to meet your needs for you and your team. We have some great working relationships with local businesses which helps us to cater to the needs of the many or the few, what it is you’re looking for. Take advantage of this unique and exhilarating experience which we can offer to your team. Perfect for developing a person’s communication and interpersonal skills through collaboration on various challenges, improving problem solving skills.

If your interested in offering your employees a truly rare experience that will help build positive working relationships through working together then try some indoor team-building activities in a new and alternative way. 

We also offer gift vouchers which can be used as Xmas Gifts / Bonuses or performance related rewards/incentives.

Booking and pricing information

Information on our corporate prices can be found here.

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Additional space and facilities for larger bookings

If you are a large company wanting to organise a large team event, we recommend contacting ANTENNA, one of the companies we work with who can accommodate large numbers of people and offer conference rooms, catering, restaurant and bar. 

What makes ilocked escape rooms different?

We have been working hard to bring the same narratives you find in films and computer games to life, by increasing the immersion the audience or participant gets to feel and experience. The highly interactive environments allow players to suspend their disbelief and forget what’s happening outside, the only thing that matters is what’s around them. 

Our in-house dedicated team have put together some amazing scenarios that haven't been seen before within the escape room industry. People refer to our escape rooms as "hi-tech" because our rooms are driven by bespoke software as well as custom made mechanisms to facilitate the exciting challenges of each room which help drive team bonding and communication. We’ve moved beyond the conventional ‘keys, combination locks or other predictable elements’ which is really what separates us from other escape room designs and keeps us unique.

Whilst inside one of our rooms the players will need to call upon and hone their ability to communicate effectively, brainstorm, apply strategy and outside-the-box thinking along side leadership skills and decision making under pressure.

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