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Terms and conditions


Please be aware it is your responsibility to tell all members of your party about our Terms and Conditions:

  • No Phones allowed within any of our games (locker's provided);


We want you to enjoy our games, but please approach your mission properly:

  • YOU NEED TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR GAME'S START TIME. If you are late, your playing time will be reduced. It is very important that you turn up in good time for your game. You wouldn’t turn up late to a film or a concert expecting the event to restart for your personal benefit, and that won’t happen if you turn up late for your escape game either.
  • DON’T TURN UP DRUNK OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS. If you do, you will not be allowed to play and no refund or option to rebook will be given. DON’T BRING ANY ALCOHOL OR DRUGS WITH YOU either.
  • Our premises are NO-SMOKING.
  • All our games are recorded on CCTV. In the event of vandalism or abusive, aggressive, anti-social, offensive or violent behaviour, the POLICE will be called and you may be liable for any repair costs.
  • We do NOT offer refunds or exchanges to customers who decide to cancel their game themselves. There are NO exceptions to this, as our games are LIVE EVENTS.
  • Once your booking is confirmed, no changes can be made to the time or date of your booking - confirmed bookings are considered final. Be sure to double check your game time before completing payment.
  • Disabilities and/or medical problems? The nature of the games available through iLocked is such that they may not be appropriate for some people with certain disabilities or medical problems. If any member of the Party has a disability or medical problem then the person who is responsible for the booking must provide full details at the time of booking so that advice can be given as to the suitability of the games and/or any reasonable adjustments that can be made to accommodate the disability/medical problem. Depending upon the disability/medical problem a doctor’s certificate may be required that certifies that the person is fit to participate in the games. Provisions of such a certificate will be the responsibility of the person who is booking the game,  at their expense. If iLocked, at its sole discretion, decides that it is unable to properly accommodate the needs of the person then the booking will not be confirmed. If details of any disability or medical condition are not revealed at the time of booking but become evident at a later date then iLocked reserves, at its sole discretion, to cancel the booking and charge cancellation fees accordingly.

Thank you for bearing this in mind. We put a lot of time and effort into creating our games for you, and we appreciate your cooperation.

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